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Poo bag box

Poo bag box

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Ref: 82080

In stock

200 unscented poo bags.

Large and strong.
Suitable for all breeds.
Biodegradable plastic.

Price: £7.99

Customer Reviews

   Pick it up   Having bought many different types of bags ,the dog trust comes out best .Strong ,good size,and well worth the money .No excuses for not cleaning up after your pet !! And if one is so lazy as to ow it down and leave behind after use ,the bag is biodegradable, but this is not the go ahead to do  (20/04/2020) - Lancashire

  Brilliant   These are the best Poop Bags on the market. We always use these even though they are more expensive, they are worth it  (16/07/2020) Jonathan - Bromyard

  Dog bags  These bags are strong and tie handles are really good. Would recommend, normally we buy these from local fog trust charity shop due to lockdown it hasn't reopened yet, so buying on line would be helpful.  (16/08/2020) Jc - Monmouth

  These are great   Great quality, essential to have a handle, nice bright colour, good to support Dogs Trust. Biodegradable. Miles better than those flimsy cheap poo bags.  (31/05/2021) Darran Hebert - Somerset U.K.

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